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about me


I'm Kira, your friendly waxin' cowpoke.
What makes me different than your average waxer, you might ask?

Well, the answer to that is I care. I care about your day, I care about your skin, and I care about you!
I used to work for a large chain right out of school that made you gender yourself before appointments. I never understood that. We all have a general idea of what a Brazilian is, so why not just keep it a fluid, inclusive experience?

As a femme and queer business owner, my goal is to take the time with my clients, no matter what gender or how they identify, create a safe space based upon the amount of hair, coarseness, and density. Then charge an amount that reflects how long it takes me to effectively wax them. My appointments are a little longer than your average waxing experience because I will get ingrown, provide skin treatment, and take my time with each client. I am not an in-and-out waxer.

I will take the time with you and your skin to go above and beyond and make sure we get all the hair you want off, no matter where the place is.

I'm here for y'all.
Yee Haw!
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